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Our Lawyers

A solid legal team is the result of the optimal combination between technical knowledge and human qualities. We, at Jinga & Asociatii, have constantly applied these criteria when forming and expanding our team.


We are constantly developing our practice so as to provide our clients the best and most effective legal advice, by a continuous professional development and a business oriented approach. As the legal and business environment turn more and more complex, we have encouraged the specialization of our lawyers in areas of practice suitable with their background, while also focusing on interdisciplinary matters. The thorough legal knowledge combined with a sound understanding of the business environment makes our lawyers reliable advisers in every business transaction.

Personal skills

As the human factor is of essence in law practice, we have always considered the personal skills of our lawyers when assigning a task or forming a team. Communication skills and efficiency, the thorough understating of the business environment, the observance of deadlines and the willingness of constant personal development, are just a few of the characteristics we have constantly encouraged and developed. And as a perfect correlated team is not just the result of a combined legal knowledge but also of teamwork capability, we have constantly considered this aspect as part of the foundation of a successful project.