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a solid knowledge of the financial practices is essential for the success

Catalina Sucaciu
The permanent evolution of the financing conditions and models offered by the banks and financial institutions requires a high level of adaptability and a sound understanding of the benefits and traps of financial structures. The last years have shown that a solid knowledge of the financial practices and their impact on a specific business is essential for the success on a highly competitive market.

Every business is unique and so are its financing requirements

Our lawyers have the advantage of having assisted several companies, active in different sectors, in complex financing structures, starting with the very beginning of the process, meaning the structuring of the financial transaction so as to ensure compatibility with the particularity of a specific financing requirement and up to the implementation of the financing transaction. We have learned that a short or medium term credit facility might be more beneficial for certain types of financing needs than a revolving credit facility and that a receivable financing structure may help a client to overcome a cash flow difficulty.

Banking instruments can make the difference

A solid knowledge of the range of banking instruments, of the advantages and costs of such, sometimes makes the difference between a successful or disappointing contractual relationship. Our lawyers have the necessary expertise on the specifics of such instruments, so as to enable a professional and practical advice when it comes to the implementation of letters of credit, bank guarantees or promissory notes within a business transaction.

Our expertise has a solid background

Our lawyers are proud to have been part of major project, while providing legal advice inter alia to:

A leading European NPL and debt advisory firm during the assessment procedure for the purchase of a Euro 450 M NPL portfolio, including advise on regulatory, fiscal, tax, labour and data protection aspects;

Leading global automotive supplier in connection with a several hundred million Euro Syndicated Loan Facility, including review of relevant loan documentations, Syndicated Loan Agreement, addendum and guarantees, amending documents, in particular from the perspective of upstream and cross-stream guarantees;

World leader in the automatic control of openings and closures in homes and buildings in connection with a Cash Pooling Agreement at group level, including review of bank documents, issuing legal capacity opinion with regard to the transaction.

A world leader manufacturer of solar panels during the financing process of the largest photovoltaic plant in Romania, including the implementation of the financing;

An international bank in issues regarding consumers' protection, including representation in front of the relevant courts of law;

An international investment fund developer of a hotel chain under the Hilton brand, during the financing process of the real estate development, including structuring the financing transaction;

A world market leader in gas struts and hydraulic vibration dampers during the financing process of a new industrial facility located in Brasov, Romania, including advising during the structuring of the transaction into a sale-and-lease-back operation, negotiation of financing documents, implementation of the financing;

A public local water service supplier during the implementation of a EBRD loan agreement, including representation in front of the EBRD, ensuring compliance with the provisions of the loan agreement and fulfillment of the conditions precedent;

A large pharmaceutical network during the structuring of a revolving credit facility, including negotiation of financing documents and guarantees, amendments and prolongations as well as corporate approvals of the financing structure.