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a contract is the optimal
result of interdisciplinary knowledge

Catalina Sucaciu
A contract is more than a written agreement between the parties, it is the substantiation of a business relationship. And, as there are no standard business relationships, there are no standard agreements to cover a wide range of possible scenarios. Therefore, a personalized contractual structure applied to a certain business relationship, is a must in the present business environment.

A contract can make the difference

A contractual provision is like a boomerang: it can either return the forecasted benefit or it can strike back and leave heavy marks in the financial statement of a company. Our lawyers are fully aware of the importance of any clause of a contract in a business relationship and have the necessary professional knowledge and business skills to make a contract a safe haven for our clients. The capacity to anticipate the effects of any contractual stipulation, a good knowledge of the business implication of a transaction as well as the excellent communication skills, confer our lawyers the ability to be a significant partner in any negotiation and implementation of a contractual structure.

A contract is more than Contract Law

Either if it is a construction agreement, a sale-purchase agreement, an assignment of receivables, a shareholders' agreement, a settlement of dispute or a memorandum of understanding, a contract is the optimal result of interdisciplinary knowledge, the perfect mixture between law and business experience. Construction, corporate, competition, real estate, fiscal or insolvency matters are few of the legal implications which must be considered when structuring different types of contracts.

Expertise is a must

Our lawyers have the necessary skills and a pro-active business approach, gained based on the relevant experience in assisting our clients in complex and challenging contractual structures. Our portfolio includes advice to:

Top Romanian software development company during the entire process of structuring the contractual package for the clients and contractors, including frame agreements, SOWs, NDAs, employment and contractor agreements.

Romanian subsidiary of leading global automotive supplier in connection with the contractual structure required for the extension of its industrial premises, including pre-lease agreements, lease agreements, financing agreements.

Czech company, sub-supplier for automotive industry, during the negotiations and structuring of the contractual package for the lease and construction of a local subsidiary as resident of a local industrial park managed by a local authority, including assistance during the negotiation of the contractual conditions and compliance with the industrial park regulation.

a world leader manufacturer of solar panels, during the development process of the largest photovoltaic power plant in Romania, including design and construction agreements, shareholders agreements, supply agreements, etc;

an international investment fund, developer of a hotel chain under the Hilton brand, during the entire investment process, including structuring and implementation of the contractual structure;

a reputable Romanian company, developer of an industrial park, during the entire development process, including construction of tailor-made premises, rental agreements, financing structures;

a pharmaceutical network, active on the Romanian market, during the investment process in new units, acquisitions, development of the network and day-to-day assistance;

one of the five leading real estate companies in Europe, in connection with complex real estate investments in Romania, during the entire development and retailing process of the units located in residential condominiums, starting with the acquisition of land, construction and sale of the units;

a reputable constructor of photovoltaic power plants, in connection with the construction of several plants located in Romania, including the structuring of the EPC agreements, securities and implementation of such.