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As a company is a vivid entity, it will be, from time to time, subject to various

Veronica Cocarlea
An essential background for a long-lasting and successful business is a clear and realistic set of rules to be observed by the shareholders. The corporate regulations of a venture aim atto fulfilling these kinds of requirements. Beside the necessity of compliance with the law, the corporate governance of a company needs to be adapted to the requirements of the shareholders, to the business scope and to the local environment.

Any business needs a set of rules

As any beginning is filled with optimism, we have learned that the relationships between the shareholders are to be detailed at such point. A shareholders' agreement can rule the entire existence of a future entity and prevent potential divergences which might appear, avoiding stoppages in the business activity or even dissolutions. Our lawyers have gained a solid expertise in this area, being able to propose tailor-made corporate structures for various types of shareholders and business models.

Adjustments to changes of the business environment

As a company is a vivid entity, it will be, from time to time, subject to various changes. Whether it is a share capital increase/decrease, a change in the shareholding structure, a merger, a division, an exit or an acquisition, our lawyers can provide the professional advice required for a safe legal transaction. As sometimes the business environment forces an adjustment of a company, a timely and efficient legal advice is essential to keep the business continuously running.

Our law firm has solid expertise in corporate law

As we have assisted several clients in complex corporate structures, we are a reliable partner in this area of practice, as our previous experience states it. We are proud to have assisted:

A multinational group of companies, owner, developer and constructor of photovoltaic plants, with operations in Europe and South America, during the process of corporate structuring of the group companies, including management and coordination with the relevant legal counsels from the foreign jurisdictions.

A generic pharmaceutical company with worldwide operations, with regard to the incorporation and operation of the Romanian subsidiary, including advice on the most suitable Romanian entity from both legal and fiscal perspective.

Group of leading automotive supplier with regard to the requirements and specifics of the Romanian laws in upstream and cross-stream guarantee, including analyses of shareholders' and directors' potential legal liability as well as mitigations methods and legal capacity opinion on the transaction.

a world market leader in gas struts and hydraulic vibration dampers, with regard to the implementation of their corporate structure in Romania and adjustment of the relevant corporate regulation to the Romanian laws, including day-to-day assistance during their business development;

a world leader manufacturer of solar panels, during the acquisition process of a Romanian entity, restructuring of the shareholding structure, negotiation and implementation of a shareholders' agreement as well as share capital increase;

a large pharmaceutical network during the merger process with a pharma distributor and during another merger process with affiliated entities; main legal work included regulatory, corporate and commercial matters, including the implementation of the corporate governance regulations subsequent to the merger process;

a main supplier of important producers in the automotive industry, with regard to the implementation of the management governance rules of the group within the local subsidiary;

a world's leading manufacturer of specialized motors and control systems for retractable awnings, rolling shutters, interior shades and blinds, with regard to the adjustment of the corporate governance rules to the local legal regulations;

a producer of electronic and mechatronic systems, during the incorporation process of the Romanian subsidiary, adjustment to the local legal and business environment, including assistance in the implementation of the group's corporate governance rules in compliance with the local regulations.