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Shale gases become a more often debate topic, as a cost effective alternative to the present energy resources

Mircea Jinga
Natural resources, be they classic or renewable, have always played an important role in each society. Within the last few years, renewable energies have become more and more present in our civilization, as an answer to the necessity to preserve the environment and provide a sustainable alternative to exhaustible natural resources.

Renewable energy sources - glamorous new entries in the energy sector

The last few years have been dedicated to RES, not only in Romania but throughout Europe, encouraged also by the convenient support schemes offered by the states. Romania was not an exception and provided a generous support scheme for investors, especially in the photovoltaic area. Our law firm assisted both developers and investors during the development process of energy projects, from green field until fully operational status, during the due diligence process, structuring of investments, regulatory and permitting phase, construction and commissioning, until a fully licensed running business.

The energy field is continuously developing

As technologies change in time, so does the energy sector. The growth of the economic efficiency of the equipment used in RES projects, triggered the diminution of the support scheme for such projects and revealed the importance of constant producers of energy, merely from classical resources. Shale gases become more often a debate topic, as a cost effective alternative to the present energy resources. As the laws change along with the trends, our law firm is a reliable partner in guiding you throughout the meanders of a complex and sometimes unstable legal environment by offering the best legal guidance for your investments.

Energy law advice requires highly specialised lawyers

The complexity of the regulations in the energy field, as well as the technicality of such, require an extensive expertise, which our lawyers have gained by providing legal advice, inter alia, to:

German developer and constructor of photovoltaic plants, during the structuring process of a Romanian PV project as to allow supplier financing for the construction of the said plant, including advice on contractual structure, supply agreements and securities.

a world leader manufacturer of solar panels, in the investment and development process of the largest photovoltaic park in South Eastern Europe; the legal advice included extensive due diligence, assistance during permitting procedures, corporate and contract law, financing of the investment, advice during the licensing process of the plants;

an European leader in natural gas transport and distribution networks during the assessment process of the opportunity in the investment in a Trans-European gas transport network, with respect to the status of the Romanian part of the project;

• an important Chinese investor, active in South and Eastern Europe, with regard to the acquisition of two important wind projects (of 60MW and, respectively, 100MW developed in Romania) and several photovoltaic projects (summing a total capacity of 50MW) including the due diligence process, assessment of risk and recommending solutions for risk mitigation;

a consortium of two major companies, during the development process of a photovoltaic project to serve one of the most important national industrial parks in Romania, implementing for the first time in Eastern Europe the smart grid concept;

a German company, highly specialized in the construction of photovoltaic plants, during the construction, commissioning and O&M phase of several photovoltaic plants in Romania;

a Bulgarian EPC contractor during the negotiation and implementation of several construction agreements of photovoltaic plants in Romania, bridge financing of the investments, negotiation and implementation of security structures.