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the impact of environmental matters on the day-to-day business is an asset which becomes highly important

Ariana Pantea
The constantly changing legal regulations and the increase of the public's role in the decisional process have conferred the environmental matters a key role in several business decisions, be it in the hazardous area or not. The environmental conduct of a business may significantly impact on the growth of a certain enterprise and make the difference between two competitors on the same market.

The environmental responsibilities of a business tend to increase

In a continuously evolving legal context, the in-depth understanding of the impact of environmental matters on the day-to-day business and on specific investment decisions is an asset which becomes highly important in almost every business. We, at Jinga & Asociatii, have gained a sound knowledge of the regulatory and compliance requirements as to be able to provide a timely and professional advice on the environmental implication of a certain transaction and to prevent any misinterpretation of a, sometimes, unclear legal background.

The environment is everywhere

Be it a merger or acquisition, a divestiture, a real estate development, production and sale of goods or an energy project, the environmental matters are part of any transaction. Our lawyers have gained the necessary expertise to professionally advice our clients in mitigation of environmental risks and efficient management of the environmental liabilities associated with their transactions. Our extensive expertise in due diligence, in regulatory and compliance matters, in permit transfers, in liability clauses and contentious environmental matters as well as the detailed knowledge of the administrative and bureaucratic environment, recommends our law firm as a reliable partner in any transaction with environmental implications.

Specialized lawyers are indispensable

Our lawyers have gained a solid expertise in environmental matters, being constantly involved in challenging and complex transactions and always on the run with the newest tendencies and regulations. Our recent portfolio includes advice to:

A retail hypermarket chain in relation with the legal obligation on waste disposal, including assistance during a control initiated by the Romanian Environment Fund Administration, preparing memorandums, statements and answers to the requests of the environment authority.

Producer of wood packaging with regard to specific environmental obligations, including up-date of environmental permit, assistance in clarifying its legal obligations in the environmental area and representation in relations with the Romanian Environment Fund Administration.

One of the largest Romanian producers of electricity from solar energy during the procedures for the issuance of the environmental authorization as well as assistance and representation in front of the relevant environmental authority during a control on waste disposal obligation during the construction process of the PV plant.

a major developer in green energy projects in connection with various environmental issues related to development of a photovoltaic power plant in a protected are, by providing legal assistance and consultancy during adequate evaluation process, permitting, construction phase and environmental authorization procedures;

the manager of a regional industrial park with regard to a potential soil contamination by providing risk evaluation in view of the applicable national and community regulations;

leading European operator of natural gas transport and distribution networks, in connection with various environmental matters entailed by its implication in one of the most important European gas transportation project, including environmental due-diligence and assessment of risks associated with the environmental national and cross- boundaries permitting procedures;

major company, active in the automotive industry, during the dismantling procedures of a hazardous industrial equipment, including ensuring compliance with the regulations in hazardous waste disposal, contractual assistance for the relocation of the dismantled equipment;

an important Chinese investor, active in south and eastern Europe, during the assessment of the opportunity to invest in green filed energy projects, including extensive due diligence, assessment of the environmental implications and liabilities, guidance during the permitting procedures;

a reputable developer of photovoltaic projects, during the assessment of the environmental impact of project on the project area, guidance during the permitting procedure and in the relations with the competent authorities.