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the necessity of adjusting the insolvency's regulations has appeared.

Liviu Gheorghe
Insolvency has become in the last few years a common discussion topic within the business environment as a wide range of companies played different roles in such procedure. Either from a creditor's or debtor's point of view, insolvency procedures often raise uncertainty with regard to the perspectives of a receivable or the future of a certain business.

A timely professional legal advice can have significant impact

Either in the position of a creditor or a debtor, a professional assessment on the legal implication and perspectives of a certain way of acting might have an important outcome on your business. We, at Jinga & Asociatii, have gained the necessary legal expertise to provide a professional, pragmatic and business oriented advice so as to allow you to take the most efficient decision for your company. Our previous experience in insolvency matters, reorganisation of companies in financial distress, bankruptcy and liquidation procedures qualify us as a reliable advisor when it comes to taking a decision which could significantly impact on your business.

Extensive advice in insolvency matters involves interdisciplinary knowledge

Following the extensive insolvency procedures occurred throughout Europe within the last period of time, the necessity of adjusting the insolvency regulations has appeared. The significant effects triggered by an unsuccessful reorganisation procedure, not only on employees, business relationships and investors, but on the entire business environment, lead to the necessity of implementing regulations which aim at ensuring a balance between the desire of business rescue and the interest of creditors. Our lawyers have the significant capacity to give advice on an interdisciplinary level, assessing, inter alia, the regulatory, tax and employment implications of a procedure, and prepare any strategy based on the new tendencies of the relevant regulations.

Our expertise is endorsed by our enduring practice

We, at Jinga & Asociatii, have the expertise to achieve complex transactions of insolvency and restructuring including restructurings through insolvency processes, rescheduling of debts, litigation and dispute resolution including protecting creditor claims, cross-border proceedings, advice on contentious and non-contentious matters deriving from insolvency or restructuring. We are proud to have assisted:

A foreign company, shareholder of a Romanian gravel exploitation company, during the insolvency, bankruptcy and liquidation procedures of the Romanian company, including representation in relation with the liquidator, representation in court and assistance in maximizing the benefits from the liquidation of Romanian company's assets.

one of the leading European boat equipment producers, during a cross-border insolvency procedure, including restructuring, financing and buy-out of the Romanian subsidiary;

an important European investor in relation to liquidating its assets held in Romania, by following a self-imposed bankruptcy procedure;

a trader of ferrous metals for the recovery of debts during the insolvency of its Romanian traditional partners;

an important Romanian investor, in connection with recovery of debts during the insolvency proceedings of one of the largest Romanian industrial plant;

numerous European investors, with regard to several insolvency proceedings opened against various major real estate companies for debts recovery;

one of the most important European company acting in the logistics field, in connection with recovery of debts during the insolvency proceedings of one of the largest Romanian freight company.