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Patens may provide market exclusivity as many times needed to recover the substantial investment

Ariana Pantea
Innovation defines the present. In a word chasing for economic growth, globalisation of markets and improved communications, the regulators are constantly seeking to foster innovation by making IP registration systems more accessible and efficient in terms of lower costs, fast registration procedures, greater predictability and legal security. In this context, several options to benefit from protection of IP rights exist. While the duty to look after protection stays with you, Jinga & Associates may assist you in adopting the most appropriate IP strategy considering both your current business and your needs to expand. We equip you with the necessary knowledge about IP and related issues to the commercialisation of your ideas.

A trademark tells who you are

The trade marks support businesses of all sizes in their pursuit of novelty and expansion to new markets, being the most efficient advertising tools of products and/or services. The rights associated to the registration of trademarks are a powerful tool that you can use to build brand recognition. But registration of a trademark has to be followed by its use otherwise the monopoly you hold may be challenged and removed by your competitors. Moreover, a constant monitoring of the market becomes necessary since, unless detected in due time, infringements of trademarks could cause serious damage to your business. Our lawyers provide integrated services, by assisting you in registering your trademarks and also properly use, develop and defend them.

A patent tells what you do and what to do

Patents may provide market exclusivity as many times needed to recover the substantial investment required to turn your ideas into products. Keeping you updated on the tendencies in this area, on the other hand, is a powerful tool when it comes to the evaluation of the competition and identification of new business opportunities in view of the latest technological trends. Our advice is helpful when you are planning a patent protection strategy but essential when you decide to patent your idea and, further on, to share it with your future partners and protect it from your competitors.

Once IP protection is recognized we are here to enforce it

The proficiency of our lawyers is the result of extensive practical advice rendered to clients in the IP field. We are proud to have assisted:

Mother company of a leading global automotive supplier in connection with the protection of the service invention, including advice on the particularities of the Romanian laws on service invention and services related inventions and adapting the group documents to the relevant Romanian law provisions.

German company, spin-off of the faculty of Ergonomics at the Technical University of Munich, developer, manufacturer and distributor of measurement & analysis systems for behavioral research and optimization of human-machine-interaction, on IP rights of IT products developed by a hired Romanian contractor.

one of the national leading suppliers and exporters of stainless steel products in connection with a complex dispute on the allegation of patent infringement;

one of the most important players on e-commerce fashion market in CEE by assessing the risks of a potential infringement of a notorious trademark and by providing consultancy with regard to the national regulations on e-commerce and registration of internet domains;

a pharmaceutical network, in connection with the protection of a marketing campaign, including advice on a competitor's allegation of infringement of IP rights;

one of the leading national mineral water producers, in connection with the successful annulment of a similar trade mark used by a competitor, including representation before the competent courts of law;

a European leader in welding equipments, in connection with a potential infringement of its IP rights, including drafting "Cease and desist" letters, oppositions and representation before the competent authorities;

a pharmaceutical distributor, in connection with an alleged infringement of IP rights, including assessment of consequences and risk mitigation advice;

a Romanian association promoting artists, in all contractual matters pertaining to the organization of an art festival to include, for example, licences on copyright protected works.