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we have the required skills and interdisciplinary knowledge as to enable a safe transaction for our clients

Mircea Jinga
The real estate & construction market continuously has developed in Romania throughout the last few years, evolving from an extremely dynamic sector, especially in the residential area, to more cautious and structured transactions. The lifting of the restrictions imposed by the Romanian state to foreign entities for purchasing land in Romania, the increasing necessity for commercial and industrial facilities, as well as a market which reached a certain stability, make the real estate area a constant interest for investors.

A real estate transaction demands professional advice

The particularities of the Romanian real estate regime and regulations require highly qualified legal assistance when it comes to real estate transactions. Be it an asset transaction, a shares deal, a merger or acquisition, a green or brown field investment or a financing project, any transaction involving real estate should be subject to professional analyses. We, at Jinga & Asociatii, have the required skills and interdisciplinary knowledge so as to enable a safe transaction for our clients, due to an extensive knowledge of the legal implication of a transaction, in perfect balance with the ability of risk assessment and efficient risk mitigation.

A real estate & construction project can be a smooth experience

Our lawyers have gained an extensive expertise in real estate & construction law, being highly qualified in assisting our clients during the structuring process of a real estate & construction transaction, due diligence process, negotiation of transaction documents, finance structuring, assessment of tax implications, regulatory & compliance, just to name a few of them. The increasing level of technicality, especially when it comes to constructions with special destinations, requires a thorough understanding of the entire investment structure so as to enable a smooth development process, in compliance with the relevant regulations, and a timely and efficient exploitation of the completed investment.

Extensive expertise allows efficiency

As usually a real estate & construction project involves a tied schedule, the assistance of experienced legal advisors, with an extensive knowledge of the local legal and administrative environment, can be revealed as an important asset of a transaction. We, at Jinga & Asociatii, have proven to be a reliable advisor in real estate & construction transaction, while offering advice to:

Real estate developer during the development, construction and sale process of holiday apartments located in a famous Romanian sky resort, including due diligence on land and urbanism regulations, construction contracts, pre sale and sale agreements with the purchasers.

Romanian subsidiary of world market leader for gas springs and dampers, in connection with the assessment of the purchase of a new administrative building, including assistance in due diligence process on ownership and urbanism regulations, permitting procedure;

a world leader manufacturer of solar panels, during the development process of the largest photovoltaic power plant in Romania, including acquisitions of in rem rights on land and due diligence, transaction documents (including financing, pre-lease and pre-sale agreements and negotiations, construction agreements and related documentation, project transfer agreements and documentation), permitting and construction, taxation optimization, marketing, risk management, dispute resolution, as well as a wide range of related matters occurring throughout the development, licensing and operation of the project;

a real estate and hotel developer, on the implementation of multiple investment projects in Romania, including the development of a hotel under the Hilton-Hampton brand and the development and sale of a residential condominium; our legal advice included extensive ownership title due diligence, drafting and negotiating the terms of the acquisition contracts, legal advice on internal and international financial mechanism linked to the real estate transactions, assistance during construction permitting procedures, tax advice;

one of the five leading real estate companies in Europe, in connection with a complex real estate residential project; our work focused on title due diligence, taxation and regulatory matters, drafting all civil and commercial contracts, assistance during construction permitting procedures, financing and insurance procedures, land book registration, marketing and selling procedures;

world market leader in gas struts and hydraulic vibration dampers, to successfully conclude real estate transactions for extending its production facilities located in Braşov, Romania, including extensive title due diligence, assistance during permitting and authorizations, finance and refinance procedures, tax advice, as well as drafting transaction documents, regulatory and land book matters, commercial agreements for the development of the project;

an industrial park developer, in connection with various real estate matters during development, registration and leasing processes of one of the largest industrial parks in Romania;

a reputable constructor of photovoltaic plants, in view of the construction of several photovoltaic parks, including negotiations, construction agreements and related documentation, permitting and authorization, Land Book matters, taxation optimization, as well as a wide range of related matters occurring throughout the development and operation of such project;

a Bulgarian EPC contractor during the negotiation and implementation of several construction agreements of photovoltaic plants in Romania, including extensive real estate and permitting due diligence, negotiation and implementation of security structures.