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in-depth knowledge is an important ally when it comes to sustaining a certain point of view

Ada Tuca
Regulatory & compliance matters are obviously part of the day-to-day conduct of every business. And, as the legal regulations, both at national and EU level, are continuously developing, compliance with such may often seem as a real burden for a mainly profit oriented enterprise. Under these circumstances, an experienced legal advisor can make the difference between a tense or relaxed relationship of the company with the relevant regulators.

Regulatory expertise means extensive knowledge of the applicable regulations

As the legal environment turns increasingly complex and sometimes unstable, sudden changes of regulations may seriously impact on the normal conduct of business, by inducing tension and haste due to the frequently severe consequences of a potential breach. We, at Jinga & Asociatii, can assist you in maintaining calm and profit oriented conduct of your business, by giving effective and precise advice, due to our systematic knowledge of the legal and administrative environment, of the tendencies and expected changes of relevant regulations. And as Regulatory & Compliance is an integral part of any investment project, M&A, real estate or financing, just to name a few areas, our expertise is a valuable asset when it comes to due diligence, risk assessment and risk mitigation.

Compliance can only be achieved by awareness

The constant up-date with the new tendencies and regulations, as well as the implication and knowledge of the local business, legal and administrative environment, are often revealed as valuable assets when it comes to the observance of certain regulations with an important impact of an investment decision or business activity. And as full compliance is sometimes a matter of perspective, such in-depth knowledge is an important ally when it comes to sustaining a certain point of view, especially if in disagreement with a certain regulator.

Finesse comes with experience

Although the Regulatory & Compliance matters should be like mathematics, the inconsistency and complexity of the legal provision often require finesse, especially when sustaining a disputable point of view. Our lawyers have gained a solid expertise, by advising, inter alia:

Real estate developer during the permitting procedure for the construction of a holiday apartment building in a famous Romanian mountain resort, including assistance on urbanism regulations, permitting procedure, relations with utility suppliers, etc.

a world leader manufacturer of solar panels, in connection with the entire permitting procedure of the development, construction and commissioning process of one of the largest photovoltaic parks in South Eastern Europe as well as assistance during the licensing and accreditation procedures;

a world market leader in gas struts and hydraulic vibration dampers, in connection with various regulatory & compliance matters resulted from the daily business conduct, including compliance with customs regulations;

the developer of a hotel chain under the Hilton brand, during the entire permitting process, including the permitting procedures during construction phase as well as authorizations and licensing for the duly functioning of the hotel;

a pharmaceutical network, in connection with the regulatory & compliance matters of various acquisitions, including permitting due diligence and compliance with the competition regulations;

a leading European operator of natural gas transport and distribution networks, in connection with permitting matters entailed by its implication in one of the most important European gas transportation project, including permitting due-diligence and assessment of risks associated with cross - boundary permitting procedures;

developers of energy projects from renewable energy resources, in connection with the permitting procedures of the developed projects, including assistance for fulfilment of the applicable regulations so as to ensure compliance with the E-RES support scheme.