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Why us?

Our standards are the foundation of our entire business philosophy and we have always remained truthful to our values throughout our entire business experience. As we have established long term professional relationships with our clients, they have witnessed this approach, so we have invited them to speak, this time, on our behalf.


"They have excellent knowledge of the legal implications of any business decision and the capability of briefing the management on the significant potential consequences of a certain decision, while keeping legal technicalities aside", said the representative of an international investment fund.

Business Oriented

"They are indeed business lawyers, having more than legal knowledge, but also a realistic understanding of the business environment, being able to constantly assess not only the legal but also the business implications of a certain structure", said the CEO of a reputable group of companies.


"When working with them, I have the comfort of knowing that they manage all the legal aspects of a project and that a complete, brief and clear legal advice or recommendation will surely be provided within the agreed deadline" said the CEO of an international EPC company, active in the photovoltaic sector.


"During our long term collaboration, I have always appreciated the fact that they never offer abstract legal advice, but are constantly adjusting their advice to the concrete case and offering realistic and practical recommendation", said the general manager of the Romanian subsidiary of a multinational company.


"Be it a day-to-day business decision or an important investment project, we have always relied on our lawyers as they have constantly provided a timely and cost effective legal advice, both in urgent cases and enduring or complex projects", said the vice president of a multinational group of companies.


"I was very pleased to discover that our lawyers really provide solutions, not just theoretical advice and that their experience and fresh approach is a real asset in reaching the most suitable result in situations which sometimes appear problematical", said the financial manager of a multinational company.